The artist

Style, highest quality and functionality are the main aspirations of Rita Schichtle, founder and designer of the Mops Don Rocco brand.
Driven by her heart for animals, inspired by her own 5 furry friends. Her longstanding experience as a dog owner are the main source of ideas for nearly every uniqe piece.

Rita Schichtle

How it begins....

The perfect creative and skilled realisation of the customer's idea is the ongoing professional challenge of Rita, the artist - for all human and canine customers. Empathy and trust support every project from start to finish. Full attention for the dogs and their humans - and hence always with patience and time for personal advice and the development of the design until the production can finally start.

Beautiful, original and stylish

It is always that special moment when the dog is getting the new piece of art put on for the first time.
Style and functionality are the main focus of the artist.

The materials are of high quality and naturally soft and pleasant in the touch. Sufficient width for the collar is necessary to ensure that the fur does not break and the collar will not feel confining.

Obviously these considerations are taken into account for each individual piece.

Schön, originell und stilvoll
Liebe und Verantwortung

Love and responsibility

"To dress a dog with a coat means protecting him. Every dog owner should take responsibility for his/her dog" says Rita Schichtle.

There is a big difference between "spoiling" and "pampering" . That is why the artist from Salzburg is putting so much personality, sensitivity and expertise into every design. Right from the beginning - dog's word-of- honor.

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