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Please consider that our products are made to measure. Due to the distance it will in many cases be impossible for us to take measures of your dog personally. Usually measures are taken by our customers and forwarded to us by e-mail. This is sufficient to produce sweaters, jackets, "Dirndl" and much more. Please double- and even triple check the measures of your four-legged friend before you press the "send" button - unfortunately we will not be able to accept returns of goods because of false measurements.

Loden coats

Mops Don Rocco high quality loden coat

The traditional costume is serving as an example for elaborately created dog fashion:

Laid over the back of your dog the loden coat is a classic piece with function and character. Your four-legged friend will benefit from the quality of the high class material and it's durability. The coat is wind and water proof and protects against chilliness and moisture: the well known attributes of the highly appreciated loden cloth.

The design of the coat for dogs is based on the original for humans. Maschine washable gentle cycle at 30 degrees. Available in all sizes and spine lengths in all classic loden colours.

The back has an opening for the harness.

Mops Don Rocco hooded rain coat

The weather is too bad to walk your dog? But he/she wants to - no problem with the perfect outfit for rain and cold!

Mops Don Rocco rain coats and rain jackets are water proof due to the exterior synthetic rubber coating. They are lined with soft material and keep your four-legged friend warm even on cold rainy days.

Trendy styles and effects in all colours and patterns are an add-on to the legendary functionality. Why not finish the rain coat with embroidered Swarovski crystals?

„Dirndl“ – the Mops Don Rocco Dog Dress

Based on the original for humans and designed especially for dogs - the "Dirndl".
This dress should always reflect the personality of your four-legged friend: unique and unparalleled. The choice of colours and patterns is unlimited. To ensure highest wearing comfort individual tailoring is essential for the "Dirndl". The dress and the apron are made from traditional cotton cloth. Details like laces and buttons - genuine mother- of-pearl buttons -

or Swarowski crystals are a MUST.

The back has an opening for the harness.

Dog blankets

Mops Don Rocco high quality mats made from finest buck skin

Soft and smooth like velvet and at the same time robust, warming and hygienic:

these are the natural advantages of buck skin for the Mops Don Rocco dog blankets. The buck skin blanket will provide highest resting comfort and protection against dirt and moisture for your beloved dog.

The blanket is easy-care, impurities will stay at the surface and can just be wiped-off.

The precise processing with a frame of buck skin, creates an elegant and uncomplicated accessory for your dog.
Buck skin blankets are available in all sizes.


Mops Don Rocco exclusive collar

Guaranteed quality and traditional craftsmenship for the most beautiful accessory of man's best friend. Our dog collars are true master pieces and originals too - no collar will look like the other. Only finest leathers - calf, sheep, goat and buck leather are processed. Decorated and finished to look it's best the collars are decorated with genuine Swarowski crystals, mother-of-pearl or staghorn buttons and pins.

Taking the correct measurement with great care is essential.
The edges are folded to treat the neck of your dog with care. Perfect fit for your pet's wellbeing.

Materials, colours, decorations - we process all ingredients to a unique accessory fitting perfectly for the type and character of your dog. Because we believe that the collar should correspond to the personality of the dog.


Mops Don Rocco high quality leash

The leash of the dog gives an indication on the character of the dog owner - this could be true. Like the collar, the leash too is an expression of the personality. The personality of dog and human, who's relationship will be consolidated with this "connection".

The Mops Don Rocco dog leashes are high quality unique pieces, the designs are limitless. The leashes are made from quality leathers (calf, sheep, goat and buck leather), sewn with strong yarns which make them robust and durable. They are covered on the inside - that is why they lie comfortably in the hand and secure grip is guaranteed.

Product information and agreement for returns

All Mops Don Rocco products are originals, made to measure. It is therefore essential that the measurements are taken directly from the dog.

Dear customers, please be aware that you have to take the measurements from your four-legged friend with the utmost accuracy and please double and triple check the measurement results before you transmit the data by e-mail.

Mops Don Rocco customers accept, that returns are not possible.

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