Mops Don Rocco

Designer apparel for your dog - made in Salzburg

The vicinity of Salzburg, the city of Mozart, is the home of a small, decent creative workshop for apparel and accessories for all dog breeds.

Rita Schichtle only tailors unique pieces, made to measure, with special and stylish design and always reflecting the personal taste and vision of the dog owner.

Mops Don Rocco by Rita Schichtle - the brand for design and quality conscious dog lovers - since 2011.

Product range

At Mops Don Rocco you find the right apparel for every man's best friend: tailored coats, blankets, collars and leashes for every day use and for special and festive occasions crafted with highest skills from best quality materials.

Mops Don Rocco
Mops Don Rocco

Every Mops Don Rocco product is guaranteed a unique piece. Apparel and accessories are eye- catchers and, thanks to their originality and the handcrafted quality, something very special. Each piece is 100% functional and perfectly adjusted for the individual body type - for all breeds of dog.

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